The New Collagen Boost Facial

Price: $125.00  

Holiday/ New Year's Special: $99.50


Like it or not...

1. The fountain of youth does not exist.

2. The skin fairy will not come to your rescue.

3. The magic pill to resolve your skin problems has not been invented yet.


What should you do to keep your skin looking its best?  Try our new Collagen Boost Facial.


Collagen is the most abundant protein found in your body at 30%. In addition to your skin, it is present in your bones, muscles and tendons. It is considered the glue or building blocks that provides strength and structure to heal and repair skin. Within the dermis (the living layer of skin), collagen forms a fibrous network upon which new cells can reproduce and form.


Unfortunately, collagen production within your skin declines as you age; the structural integrity is compromised which leads to sagging and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The factors that affect production are excessive sun exposure, smoking and sugar consumption.  On a daily basis, use products that contain retinols (Vitamin A derivative) and peptides (signal your skin to make more collagen) as these ingredients can help to activate collagen output to heal, repair, firm and improve the skin's texture so it appears young and wrinkle-free. Collagen will fortify your nails and strengthen your hair. 


Rose and Joyce, our aestheticians, can keep your skin looking healthy, youthful and happy with our new facial and at-home products that are ideal for all skin types. What can you expect when you book an appointment for the Collagen Boost Facial?

1. A cleansing according to skin type

2. A gentle grape seed scrub with natural fruit acids like bilberry and sugar cane to slough off dead cells and refine skin texture

3. Steaming 

4. Collagen Enzyme Peel to exfoliate and re-freshen

5. Extractions

6. Relaxing facial massage

7A. Application of a lightweight gauze mask to let the Collagen Treatment Mask envelope the skin with anti-aging hydration

7B. Application of the Collagen Treatment Masque contains nutrient-rich native collagen, amino acids and vitamins to increase moisture level, prevent wrinkles and help skin breathe easily during the cell renewal process.

8. Application of the Collagen-Elastin Cream. A nourishing cream which can be used as a day (under makeup) and night cream for normal, combination and dry skin types. It contains a blend of marine collagen, Vitamin A and botanical extracts to soothe, soften and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.


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* Must mention special to receive discount.

* May not be combined with any other offer.

Tinted Moisturizers

Get ready for summer fun in the sun. It’s okay… you have the broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 included in a moisturizer with a buildable coverage tint for your complexion.  Great for all skin types with two shades to match your skin tone in light and medium. Not the right shade, too sheer or want UVA and UVB protection? Our new formula allows you to custom blend both shades together or add your own moisturizer to create your own buildable shade to provide as much coverage as you wish. The SPF 30 protects you from 96% of the sun’s harmful UVA (ages skin) and UVB rays (burns skin).


Apply to your face liberally and evenly 15 minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying and at least every 2 hours.  Please be smart about sun exposure, always apply a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or 30 on your entire body and re-apply often.


Chvasta’s Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 30

Light and Medium Available

2.fl. oz for $29.95


Need skin advice? Contact us by leaving a remark in the COMMENTS section of this blog or by calling 724.251.4772 and one of our expert aestheticians will be pleased to assist you.


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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated throughout the world honoring the woman who loved, protected, supported and sacrificed for her children. This special day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday by 1914. This day traditionally involves giving your mother and the mother of your children flowers, cards and other presents. Why not give her the gift of relaxation and spa-aah
this year from Chvasta's!

Gift Card Promotion:
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* Offer valid April 23- May 7, 2016.
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History Channel. MOTHER'S DAY: INTRODUCTION. 17 April. 2016 <>.

The Chvasta Oxygen Facial

Try a breath of fresh air - with Chvasta's new restorative and rejuvenating treatment. As our skin tissue absorbs oxygen it stimulates the body's natural healing ability providing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effects while stimulating collagen production. The end result is a calmer and refreshed appearance.


You will receive a European facial in Chvasta fashion which will include:

* A deep cleansing according to your skin type

* A pineapple/ papaya exfoliating scrub which will benefit your skin in these ways:

1. Seaweed extract will re-mineralize

2. Fruit enzymes will gently exfoliate

3. Jojoba will nourish and hydrate

* Extractions will be performed.

*A moisturizing facial massage with essential oils will relieve tension while improving your mood.

*An eye treatment will be applied to alleviate any dark circles and puffiness due to poor circulation.

*Our specialized Oxygen Treatment Mask ideal for dry, mature and sunburned skin types will soothe you.

* Your choice of a hyaluronic moisturizer, ideal for sensitive skin or irritations or a tinted moisturizer with SPF is applied for a ready, set, GO complexion!!!


Regular Price: $125.00

Summer SPECIAL: $99.50

Make an appointment today

by calling 724.251.4772

and ask for The Oxygen Facial.


* Must mention special to receive discount.

* May not be combined with other offers.

* Promotion Valid: April 1- June 30, 2016.

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Do you have a question about your skin? Please leave your comment by clicking the word Comments within this blog or give us a call and our expert aestheticians will be happy to assist you.

The Mind- Body- Beauty Connection with Hylunia

Hylunia uses the time-tested concept of Ayurveda to revive your dry, irritated, congested and stressed-out skin. Ayurveda teaches that we are all young until we reach a mature age and then through following a regular regime of cleansing and moisturizing and a simple balance with nature we will continue to live a healthy life without being plagued by chronic ailments. Skin health and disease stems from the way you live your life.  What we eat, the types of exercise routine we adhere to, our work and home lives, our senses,  and our thoughts, hopes and dreams contributes to our state of health and vitality in relation to the mind-body-beauty connection. Hylunia's concept addresses your specific skin care needs by recommending a perfect synergy of products, essential oils, and services that will maintain your body's optimum equilibrium while simultaneously allowing your skin to remain perfectly pH balanced.
Find Your Essential Oil Blend for Your Body Type:
Relaxing- Vata:  Vata is the Ayurvedic name for the universal force that causes dryness and coldness.  This skin type is thin and dehydrated. It needs stability, warmth, nourishment and moisture provided by Hylunia's synergy blend of Bergamot, Lavender and Ylang Ylang.
Calming- Pitta: Pitta is Ayurvedic for the force that causes heat, acidity and irritation. This skin type has frequent breakouts of redness and irritation. Frankincense, East Indian Sandalwood and Lavender are used to cool and soothe this condition.
Uplifting- Kapha: Kapha is Ayurvedic for the force that causes oiliness and water retention. This skin type is prone to oiliness, congestion, blemishes and clamminess. It needs Lemon, Sweet Orange, Mandarin and Geranium to increase circulation while controlling sebum (oil) production.
Anti-Stress- Ojas: Ojas is Ayurvedic for invigorates. This skin type is tired and exposed to stress. It needs a blend of Patchouli, Mandarin, Lavender and Ylang Ylang to minimize  tension as it maximizes the skin's function to reflect a well-balanced complexion.
As you can see, Ayurveda treats your imbalanced dosha or mind-body type with essential oils of an opposite nature to hydrate, soothe, heal and calm your skin.
This corrective facial includes a relaxing aromatic experience where Rose and Joyce will choose the ideal blend of oils to compliment and bring balance to your specific dosha or mind-body type while putting your best face forward. Ask about our new Ayurveda Facial Treatment today.
To learn more about our beauty therapists, services, products or monthly promotions, call us at
724.251.4772 or visit us online at

Why do you need a facial treatment at Chvasta's?

In order for our spa staff to accommodate your skin and body care needs, we realize that every client woman or man is uniquely different. Our main focus is on your proper skin care and daily regimen, but first we need you to realize that we understand who walks through our doors to better serve you:

A. The Performance-Oriented Customer- This individual's appearance will be smart, chic,

     and business oriented. For the ladies, attention to detail is a must as she will have flawless makeup

     and polished nails. This customer knows what he/she wants and which questions to ask.

B. The Family-Oriented Customer- This customer's appearance will be comfortable and practical, since 

     he/she may have a job but the priority is on home and family. He/ she knows what they want but is

     open to what the spa has to offer.

C. The Self-Oriented Customer-This client would look to improve his/her appearance and looks toward

     spa treatments and products to help create a new look and image.

D. The Mature-Independent Customer- This patron is really looking to experience different services

     that would help them look and feel younger. The emphasis is on rejuvenation versus stress


E. The Finance-Independent Customer- This person's primary focus is on looking good but feeling

     better. He/she maintains a relaxed, laid-back personality and chooses to visit the spa regularly to

     maintain his/her look.

We hope that the above example provides you with a glimpse into understanding that our spa staff realizes that we must know you, our client, and that beauty is more than skin deep. We need to understand the whole person to not only cater to your wants and needs but to provide you with impeccable spa services, products and customer service so that you have a true European spa experience unlike any other--- created especially for you.


On to the business of skin care:


First, booking an appointment for a facial on a regular basis of every 4-6 weeks or at least seasonally helps to keep your skin clean and clear of daily pollutants and congestion to maintain a healthy complexion. Next, this treatment helps to soften and improve the texture of your skin, thus slowing down fine line and wrinkle formation.  Then, it will stimulate and increase blood circulation, carrying nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Finally, this service will also help to exfoliate off dead skin cells that build up due to exposure to the elements, sun, makeup and other impurities, thus improving your skin's overall health.

Facials can often help, correct and treat conditions such as dryness, oiliness, fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, minor acne and sun-burned skin. A facial massage will help to stimulate and tone muscles. Additional benefits of the massage are that it will help to soothe and rest the nerves to relieve pain by promoting relaxation of tense muscles. Most importantly, receiving this service will allow you to care for your own skin properly. Your aesthetician will give you special care and provide you with the at-home product tools to protect yourself against the daily abuse of living in a polluted and busy world.


To learn more about our beauty therapists, services and products, please visit us at



Schwarzkopf Professional. Learn How to Recognize Premium Client Types. 1 March. 2016.


Welcome to Chvasta European Skin Care's new blog!!!

Welcome to Chvasta European Skin Care's new blog. This weekly/ monthly public forum is designed with you, our client, in mind. We would like to address your skin care questions, comments and concerns while debuting the most innovative, hottest treatments and products available at our spa. It is also important to highlight various topics that we would like to touch on related to your overall mind-body-beauty health. Regarding your specific skin care needs, let our expert aestheticians provide you with the answers you seek so that you will benefit from a beautiful complexion that is absolutely skin-tastic.

If you like the idea of a blog related to skin care, please provide us with your thoughts and suggestions via email at, since we are pleased to be at your service. We are looking forward to talking with you soon.
Rose, Joyce, and Wendy