Why do you need a facial treatment at Chvasta's?

In order for our spa staff to accommodate your skin and body care needs, we realize that every client woman or man is uniquely different. Our main focus is on your proper skin care and daily regimen, but first we need you to realize that we understand who walks through our doors to better serve you:

A. The Performance-Oriented Customer- This individual's appearance will be smart, chic,

     and business oriented. For the ladies, attention to detail is a must as she will have flawless makeup

     and polished nails. This customer knows what he/she wants and which questions to ask.

B. The Family-Oriented Customer- This customer's appearance will be comfortable and practical, since 

     he/she may have a job but the priority is on home and family. He/ she knows what they want but is

     open to what the spa has to offer.

C. The Self-Oriented Customer-This client would look to improve his/her appearance and looks toward

     spa treatments and products to help create a new look and image.

D. The Mature-Independent Customer- This patron is really looking to experience different services

     that would help them look and feel younger. The emphasis is on rejuvenation versus stress


E. The Finance-Independent Customer- This person's primary focus is on looking good but feeling

     better. He/she maintains a relaxed, laid-back personality and chooses to visit the spa regularly to

     maintain his/her look.

We hope that the above example provides you with a glimpse into understanding that our spa staff realizes that we must know you, our client, and that beauty is more than skin deep. We need to understand the whole person to not only cater to your wants and needs but to provide you with impeccable spa services, products and customer service so that you have a true European spa experience unlike any other--- created especially for you.


On to the business of skin care:


First, booking an appointment for a facial on a regular basis of every 4-6 weeks or at least seasonally helps to keep your skin clean and clear of daily pollutants and congestion to maintain a healthy complexion. Next, this treatment helps to soften and improve the texture of your skin, thus slowing down fine line and wrinkle formation.  Then, it will stimulate and increase blood circulation, carrying nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Finally, this service will also help to exfoliate off dead skin cells that build up due to exposure to the elements, sun, makeup and other impurities, thus improving your skin's overall health.

Facials can often help, correct and treat conditions such as dryness, oiliness, fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, minor acne and sun-burned skin. A facial massage will help to stimulate and tone muscles. Additional benefits of the massage are that it will help to soothe and rest the nerves to relieve pain by promoting relaxation of tense muscles. Most importantly, receiving this service will allow you to care for your own skin properly. Your aesthetician will give you special care and provide you with the at-home product tools to protect yourself against the daily abuse of living in a polluted and busy world.


To learn more about our beauty therapists, services and products, please visit us at Chvasta.com



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